Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment in 2016 didn’t exactly help her in the days and weeks before the November election, but not all Democrats got that memo, according to stories about now-deleted tweets from a spokesman for the Tennessee Democrats:

From the Free Beacon:

Republican aides in the state directed the Washington Free Beacon to Mark Brown, a top communications official for the Tennessee Democratic Party acting as spokesman for its efforts to help Bredesen win his 2018 Senate race. Brown has taken the name-calling to a level beyond calling people “liberal,” dishing out labels ranging from “f**kstik” (sic) to “Putin’s bitch” for President Donald Trump.

The rhetoric from Brown isn’t in synch with the message from Bredesen, who is hoping to flip a Tennessee Senate seat blue by running as a centrist who could “work together” with Republicans in Washington, D.C.

Brown has stated his belief that reaching across the aisle to Trump voters isn’t worth it. “F**k reaching out to Trump voters,” he argued. “The idiots aren’t listening.”

Good luck with that!

SHH! Nobody tell them.

So it’s confirmed:

Keep talking like that, Dems!