Hillary Clinton was among politicians and celebs appearing at an event called OzyFest in New York City over the weekend. Also among the guests was Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has dreams of the Dems regaining control in Congress. The New York Democrat listed this as the first thing the Dems should do if they get back control:

That clip might be put to good use… by Republicans:

It was also noted how far Left Gillibrand has shifted on this issue:

Gillibrand does seem to have shifted gears quickly:

Gillibrand Supported Strict Immigration Laws As A Member Of The House.

In November 2007, Gillibrand Co-Sponsored The SAVE Act, Which Aimed To Accelerate Deportations

In 2009, Gillibrand’s Website Stated: “Congresswoman Gillibrand Has Been A Firm Opponent Of Any Proposal That Would Give Amnesty To Illegal Aliens”

In Early 2009, Gillibrand Called Amnesty “Fatally Flawed” And Said A Guest Worker Program “All But Guaranteed Illegal Immigration”

In 2007, Gillibrand Co-Sponsored A Resolution Expressing Opposition To States Issuing Driver’s Licenses To Illegal Aliens