Many congressional Democrats, as well as other progressives, have joined the call to “abolish ICE,” but it’s no wonder many of them seem to realize that message won’t play well nationally:

From Pavlich’s story at Townhall:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency many Democrats want to abolish, recently conducted a raid in Newark, New Jersey and arrested dozens of illegal aliens. The overwhelming majority have serious criminal records.

ICE targeted Illegal aliens who had been incarcerated in the Middlesex County Jail and released into the community by local law enforcement without notice to federal immigration officials. The aliens arrested had ICE detainers that were not honored. Newark is a “sanctuary city.”

Read it all here.

Wow. Maybe an enterprising DC reporter can run this story by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and other “abolish ICE” supporters in Congress to see what they think.



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