The Left’s pile-on of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen continuing with gleeful media assistance, and no story is too minor to report. Check out this “breaking” news:

#FACEPALM. The Resistance even active among those who went to the same high school as certain Trump officials, and the media helps them spread the word:

On Tuesday, a group of alumni from Berkeley Preparatory School drafted a petition opposing her and calling for the school to condemn her actions.

“Secretary Nielsen, Class of ’90, does not reflect the core values that were taught at our independent high school, especially the value ingrained in most graduates’ heads: Make a positive difference, and use your privilege for good,” the group of alumni wrote in a press release.

Maybe they’ll try to confiscate Nielsen’s yearbook next.

Because “journalism”!

The mainstream media has become a parody of itself.

Coming up next in the media: Breaking news about how Nielsen’s former classmates once told her “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!”