The Trump era has ushered in with it an even higher level of delusion on the Left, as the TDS afflicted Rob Reiner demonstrated this week:


Transcript via Newsbusters (video at the link):

A bit later, Reiner then claimed that President Clinton did not have similar media support in the 1990s:

Both sides have used propaganda. That’s just the way things work — either they sell a policy or a rationale to go to war. The difference now is that the propaganda and the lies that are coming out of the White House are backed up by big chunks of media. That didn’t happen during the Clinton — Clinton got a lot of pressure, and he pushed back in his world of propaganda, but he wasn’t supported by the mainstream media in that.

Cue tremendous laughter!

And Reiner remains as alarmed as ever about the Trump presidency, though it’s difficult to top each previous tweet when they’re all dialed to eleven:

Calm down, Rob, the Trump presidency will be over in a few years.