CNN’s had a heck of a week. As we told you Thursday, CNN decided to add some important context to President Trump’s comment about MS-13 “animals” nearly a full day after it was originally reported.

Up next for CNN was a report about the revenue stream from Trump-owned golf courses over the last couple years. The problem, as CNN admitted in the corrected story, was that they were comparing apples and bananas (to use CNN’s own terminology). Eric Trump pointed out the error earlier on Thursday:

And CNN eventually issued the correction:


Editor’s Note: This story has been corrected to address an inaccurate comparison of two different time periods in the original version. Trump’s financial disclosure report for 2016 also included the first three and a half months of 2017, a period of 15 ½ months. Trump’s financial disclosure for 2017, released Wednesday, covered a 12-month period. The original story’s comparison of two different time periods led to an unsupported assessment about the revenue of the Trump golf businesses.
The revenue streams to President Donald Trump from his golf courses have been roughly flat since his last financial disclosure report, according the new report released Wednesday.

Who’s up for another “apples and bananas” lecture about getting the facts right?

They were really on a roll!

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