During an interview on the Wendy Williams Show, Katie Couric discussed the dismissal of her former “Today Show” co-host Matt Lauer by explaining why the now infamous door locking “button” on his desk was, in fact, nothing unusual in NBC exec offices:

Well isn’t that interesting! Here’s a transcript of that portion of the interview, via Newsbusters, that left Wendy Williams in disbelief:

COURIC: I think the whole button thing, you know? I think — NBC — a lot of stuff gets misreported and blown out of proportion. A lot of NBC executives, they make it sound like some kind of den of inequity. I don’t know what was happening. A lot of NBC executives have those buttons that opened and closed doors.

WILLIAMS: Oh really?

COURIC: They did. I mean, it was really just a privacy thing. It wasn’t —

WILLIAMS: Shhh. You are saying a lot, girl. You are saying a lot.

COURIC: No, no, no.

WILLIAMS: Did you have a button. Did you have a button to open and close your door?

COURIC: I did not. No, no, no. Honestly I think it was an executive perk that some people opted to have and I don’t think it was a nefarious thing. I really don’t. And I think that is misconstrued. [Williams looks appalled.] You can look at me like that if you want.

WILLIAMS: We agree to disagree. I’ve known you for a long time. But you are on the “say it like you mean it show” and I can’t front.

Here’s video starting with Couric’s explanation of “the whole button thing” at NBC:


Er, not really!

NBC News has really been plagued by its share of accusations lately, and it’s not just about Matt Lauer.