Alert students and an on-site officer at a Utah high school acted on a threat before it got worse:

Some quick acting kept people from getting hurt:

St. George Utah Police are crediting “extremely perceptive” students and fast-acting law enforcement for stopping what could have been a deadly attack at Pine View High School.

“After examining the device, bomb squad members indicated that if it had detonated the device had the potential to cause significant injury or death,” Ofc. Lona Trombly of the St. George Police Department said in a press release.

Students at the St. George school noticed a bag near a vending machine that was “smoking and sizzling.”

But there’s another detail:


St. George Police Department posted on their Facebook page that the juvenile is being charged with “manufacture, possession, sale, use or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction prohibited,” adding that more charges may be pending “to include charges from Hurricane City Police Department from the criminal mischief incident at Hurricane High School on February 15th.”
Shortly before 7 p.m., Monday, Hurricane City Police issued a statement over social media that the individual being questioned by St. George Police is also a suspect in the ISIS flag and graffiti incident that occurred at Hurricane High School last month.

Maybe the upcoming “March for Our Lives” in DC can include ending “terrorist-inspired ‘bomb violence'” to their chants:

The Obama administration notoriously pinned some blame for ISIS’ attacks on climate change and a lack of job opportunities, but there’s a chance somebody on the Left will find a way to still blame the NRA for what happened in Utah.