We don’t know anything about the movie “Death Wish” with Bruce Willis because we haven’t seen it, but one reviewer is forcing in a political connection to current events:

The reviewer gets in swipes at the NRA, conservatives and Trump — a Resistance three-fer:

But this isn’t the story of a guy who’s fighting to find true north on his moral compass; it’s the story of a guy whose bleeding heart, “I would have voted for Obama a third time” liberalism goes up in smoke as soon as shit gets personal. More than just a feature-length commercial for the NRA, “Death Wish” is such a masturbatory fantasy for modern conservatives because it suggests that every do-gooder Democrat is really just a Republican waiting to happen.
Kidding aside, that might not be the worst idea in the film’s conception of Chicago. Exaggerating its gang-related gun violence until the Windy City starts to resemble the war zone that Donald Trump so desperately wants it to be, Roth uses real-life radio personalities Sway and Mancow to suggest a place on the brink of collapse (showing may be better than telling, but telling is so much cheaper).

And the response from many: SOLD!

Well, maybe that review backfired a little, and in more ways that one: