The main city in South Korea hosting the Winter Olympics is Pyeongchang, but for one media outlet that hails from Chicago, there was a little mix-up recently. What’s wrong with this picture?


Missed it by THAT much.

From the Chicago Tribune:

PyeongChang and P.F. Chang’s are not the same thing, and beyond the fact that they both begin with the letter P and end in “Chang,” they have little in common.

This distinction, however, appears to have eluded WLS-Ch.7’s news team, which on Saturday morning accidentally broadcast a report about the political backdrop to the Winter Olympics, illustrated with the graphic, “P.F. Chang 2018.”


One thing’s for sure, the WLS goof has increased appetites:



REALLY? International Olympic Committee wants the U.S. women’s hockey team to ditch the Statue of Liberty for a DUMB reason