Completely running out of money and into huge debt will not some California liberals from chasing the end of the progressive rainbow:

Stockton, California declared bankruptcy recently, and with that in mind James Woods offered up this facepalm-worthy “fixed it for you” version of the headline:

Simply unreal.

For now it’s a privately funded endeavor, but probably not for long if progressive politicians get their wish:

A California city plagued by financial woes is testing a new welfare plan to give families a “universal basic income” of $500 every month.

While critics question whether this is the best move in post-bankruptcy Stockton, for now the program is being funded with private money — as a possible first step toward expanding a concept touted by tech CEOs.

“I think it will make people work better and smarter and harder and also be able to do things like spend time with their families because we’re not robots. We’re not just designed just to work all day and run a rat race,” Mayor Michael Tubbs told NPR.

Some people probably have some rude awakenings coming.

And will for a long time.