Remember the whole Democrat narrative about the GOP tax bill giving “the rich” a tax break while screwing over the middle class? Vox is so determined to thwart Trump that they’ve completely blown up part of that narrative with this doozy:

Let this be known as the month that Vox got super-creative in finding ways for the rich to pay less in taxes under a Republican-passed law:

Under current law, taxpayers not claiming the standard deduction can deduct both their state and local property taxes, and either their state and local income taxes or their state and local sales taxes, whichever is higher. The Republican bill added a new $10,000 maximum for all state and local tax deductions, effectively raising taxes on wealthy people in those states and reducing a key federal subsidy that makes it easier for states to charge high taxes on rich residents.

It’s official:

He really does. Liberals can be SO confusing though…

But does Vox realize what they’ve done?

Shh, don’t tell them!

Tis the season for wildly mixed messages.