As Twitchy told you yesterday, Ben Rhodes, former Obama deputy national security adviser, expressed extreme displeasure with a Politico bombshell about how the previous administration let Hezbollah off the hook in order to save the Iran Deal. Rhodes said the report was the kind of thing that comes from the “right-wing echo chamber.” In other words, Rhodes called Politico “fake news” with a conservative bias, which sparked a lot of laughter. However, former Obama NatSec spokesman Tommy Vietor agreed with Rhodes:

Neither Rhodes nor Vietor offered specifics to refute the Politico story, but a reporter who wrote the Hezbollah story is waiting in case they have any more details to offer:

In the meantime, weren’t Obama flacks among those defending the integrity of the media against Trump’s “fake news” accusations?

How quickly the “fake news” tables have turned!