Here’s the “good guy with a gun” story of the week:

The latest example of a citizen carrying a licensed firearm and using it to thwart what could have been a horrible crime took place Wednesday at a Popeyes in San Antonio:

Andres Herrera, 19, approached Carlos Molina, 32, who was eating with his family. Herrera demanded money, but Molina said he didn’t have any because he spent it on dinner.

According to WOAI, Molina asked if Herrera would let his family go, and the gunman agreed.

Molina’s wife and two of his children left the restaurant, but two more of his children were still in the bathroom.

Herrera spotted the remaining children walking out of the bathroom and pointed his gun in their direction.

That’s when Molina pulled out his handgun and shot Herrera “several times,” killing him.

The San Antonio police captain is quoted in the story as saying of Molina, a licensed gun owner, “He really saved the day and protected a lot of people today.”

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