As Twitchy has reported, Rep. John Conyers, who is facing a number of sexual harassment allegations along with calls to resign, has been hospitalized for a “stress-related illness.” Reporters near the Conyers residence in Detroit yesterday were confronted by the Democrat congressman’s wife, Monica, who accused them of racism for pursuing the story in such a manner:

Monica Conyers had a suggestion for reporters converging on the congressman’s residence:

Yep, that was her recommendation. Watch here:

Journos near the Conyers residence were not greeted warmly:

“Go to his office, that’s where he’s a public figure. When he’s here, we’re a family. We’re a home,” she said.

Conyers said she wonders if reporters would “go and stalk white people’s houses.”

“Do you just come to the black neighborhoods and stalk our houses?” she said.


Monica Conyers previously made a name for herself in Detroit politics:



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