Discussing a hypothetical scenario of how the Las Vegas mass shooting might have been worse, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle figured mockery might be the best way to win the hearts and minds of people who disagree:

From the Free Beacon:

“Think about what was happening right before this massacre took place. We have a Congress here in Washington, D.C., that was moving in the exact opposite direction,” Przybyla said. “They were preparing to loosen gun regulations, to allow people to use these silencers, to make them more available.”

“Because the hunters, their ears were hurting,” Ruhle said mockingly, putting her hands over her ears. “Because those hunters, their ears were hurting.”

Przybyla repeated the talking point of “how much worse” the situation in Las Vegas would have been if the killer had used a silencer.

“Journalism,” y’all!

No kidding!

The anchor must have figured this serious debate could use a little more uninformed childishness.

They just don’t get it.