If Starbucks workers who were reportedly triggered by a customer’s Trump t-shirt would have kept their mockery to themselves they might have been able to avoid an ensuing MEGA-triggering:


A group of Republicans turned the tables on a Charlotte Starbucks Saturday, after its staff was accused of mocking a customer for wearing a Donald Trump tee-shirt.

Starting at 2 p.m., more than 50 T-shirt wearing Trump backers staged a peaceful gathering at the Dilworth coffee house, filling chairs, tables and even the parking lot at one point.

The group told TV station Fox 46 the sit-in was a little tense at the beginning, when a throng of people filed through the door. But the mood lightened as more and more people ordered coffee using the names of different members of the Trump cabinet, including Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions.

From Fox46:

“They shouted out build a wall and shoved a drink at me and then all the Barista’s in the back started cracking up laughing,” Kayla Hart said.

The ensuing response from Trump supporters filled the Starbucks with triggers for The Resistance:

Go figure!