Yesterday Anthony Weiner turned himself in to the FBI and issued a guilty plea to a charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. Should that be the end of the media’s Weiner coverage?

So, is it time to drop it?

The legal proceedings are now closed. Weiner is totally irrelevant politically. His wife, who remains a major player in Hillary Clinton’s orbit, has filed for divorce, according to CNN’s Dan Merica. There’s literally no reason to write or talk about Anthony Weiner anymore.

So, let’s not. He’s an example of a bad apple that makes politicians — and, to be honest, people — look bad. There’ are plenty of other intriguing people, places and things happening in politics. Let’s cover them instead.

It would certainly be convenient for other Dems running for office if the name were stricken from discussion forever:

The same thing would have been written if Weiner had been a Republican, right? *Eye roll*

And that’s from the same CNN journo who recently heralded the arrival of the “golden age of political reporting.”