Former President Obama made his first public speech since leaving the presidency in Chicago today:

A lot happened to the Democrats during Obama’s eight years in office:

During his Chicago appearance, Obama made several recommendations about what should be done to bring the party back:

It appears that Obama was for gerrymandering before he was against it:

In 1996, during his first run for office, in the Illinois State Senate, Obama defeated his former political mentor Alice Palmer by successfully challenging her nominating petitions and forcing her off the ballot, effectively ending her career. A few years later, Illinois Democrats, after toiling in the minority in the Senate, gerrymandered the state to produce a Democratic majority. While drafting the new political map, Obama helped redraw his own district northward to include some of Chicago’s wealthiest citizens, making the district a powerful financial and political base that he used to win his U.S. Senate seat, a few years later.

What a surprise! But now gerrymandering is a big problem, according to Obama, and he wants to lead the Democrats back to victory. Good luck!

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