In a recent episode of his ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ show, Tucker spoke to Canadian professor David Azerrad.

During the course of their conversation, Tucker wondered aloud why the U.S. doesn’t send troops to Canada to liberate it from Trudeau and prevent it from becoming the next Cuba.

Tucker said he was serious, but then laughed as he said it. Of course, the left is taking him at his word and they are not happy.

From MSN:

The “liberate Canada by invading it” comments came on Thursday, January 26, during a Tucker Carlson Today interview with Canadian professor David Azerrad.

Carlson first addressed 2022’s conservative trucker rallies, calling the Canadian government’s response a “crackdown by the authoritarian government.” He then told Azerrad that he is “completely in favour of a Bay of Pigs operation” to free Canada from Justin Trudeau, a galling statement by any measure.

Media Matters clipped the segment, because of course they did. Watch:

People on the left are outrageously outraged.

A liberal MP tried to pass a motion condemning Tucker and it failed. LOL.

The U.S. Ambassador to Canada under Obama is calling on FOX News to issue an apology.

Tucker has an amazing talent for triggering the left.


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