Self-described “environmentalists” have proven once again that they work in ironic and hypocritical ways:

The vandals carved “no more tigers, no more woods” into the green on the fifth hole.

The Washington Post originally reported that the activists “pulled off a daring act of defiance”:

The wording was later changed:

An update at the beginning of the story now reads as follows:

Editor’s note: The beginning of this story was changed to more accurately reflect the nature of the actions taken by a protest group against the Trump golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

The vandalism was changed from a “daring act of defiance” to “an elaborate act of vandalism.”

The original WaPo article still appears at

Eric Trump slammed the Post:

The paper’s latest slogan is “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” but the bias continues to live in broad daylight.

That might have been the headline if the vandals weren’t leftists.