Cher continues to encourage her followers to take action to push back against Trump:

Among the things Cher’s fans appreciate about the singer is the articulate nature of her anti-Trump protest, as spotted by Jon Gabriel:

At one of the Women’s March events in the country Saturday, Cher, after being asked why she was taking part, said:

“Because I want to be where the cool people are. You know, no, because it means so much. I’m so angry, and I want, you know, like, his people — not his people, some of the people, you know — came on Twitter and said, you know, ‘you’re a crybaby and you’re a whiner,’ and I never cried and I don’t whine. But I want to do something because I don’t believe in him, and I feel sorry for the people who do.”

It depends on what your definition of “eloquently” is.