Earlier this week there were reports of a terrible story about a hijab-wearing Muslim girl attacked by Trump supporters on a New York City subway while onlookers stood by and did nothing. The story turned out to be a hoax, and the woman who alleged the attack admitted she made up the story, and was arrested.

A Newsweek article cites the election of Donald Trump as serving as the catalyst for a backlash against Muslims. The author teases the article with a quote from “Robina Niaz, founder of Turning Point for Women and Families, an organization for Muslim women and girls based in Flushing, New York”:

Well, that’s one way to avoid blaming the person who made the false accusation.

And it goes on. Basically the Newsweek article says that, even though the woman’s report was bogus, it could have been true, especially since Trump was elected:


Angle for a future article?

We’ll wait for it.