Remember back when the Left were mocking claims that the election might be “rigged” or “fixed” in any way? Well, that was before Hillary lost. Now there’s a phone-in effort to convince the Justice Department to audit the results in certain swing states.

Could it spur the DOJ to action?

Hollywood lefties and Hillary cheerleaders Debra Messing and Joss Whedon are among those excited to share the “news” that the Justice Department takes action based on the number of phone calls received:

So all it takes are phone calls to the Justice Department to get the investigatory ball rolling? If only people who wanted a DOJ criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton had known that!

But wait, not so fast, Hollywood libs:

Uh oh:

“The Justice Department does not tally the number of callers to determine whether federal action is warranted,” department spokesman David Jacobs said in a statement. “Investigatory decisions are based solely on the facts and evidence as they relate to the federal statutes the department enforces.”

However, because it’s the Obama Justice Department we’re talking about here, you never can be too sure.

All we can really know for sure is that talk of a “rigged election” is cool again.