NBC reporter Ron Allen, speaking about the Paris Agreement that President Obama praised yesterday, cited hurricane Matthew as the kind of storm the climate deal is “designed to stop”:

For real? Yep, for real:

Is that so? Here’s the transcript:

RON ALLEN: You’re right and this, as you heard the President, is one of the reasons that he ran for office. He believes so deeply in protecting the environment, protecting the climate and this is something he has been pushing for arguably for the past seven and a half years and when you talk to the president and you hear him talk, he thinks that this is one of the most significant aspects of his legacy that he has done something that unites the world around the goal of saving the planet. Now, as a practical matter, it’s very interesting that this is happening a day when there’s a hurricane bearing down on the United States and in the Caribbean because these severe storms, beach erosions, intense weather episodes that we’ve had is perhaps the most practical sample of what the president was talking about as the threat that the planet faces and this is what this whole climate agreement signed by 190 nations and now ratified by 60 or so is designed to stop.

The science is settled, and with any luck the nation will see no such hurricanes in the future thanks to the Paris agreement!