The State Department has been investigating how and why a 2013 video showing then-Spokeswoman Jen Psaki admitting that administration officials have lied about the Iran deal to gain public support was edited to remove the comments. The edit was first noticed by reporter James Rosen, who asked Psaki the question about the Iran deal.

Today, State Dept. Spokesman John Kirby revealed they’ve concluded that the video was intentionally edited, but they still have no idea why it was edited or who ordered it to be done:

What a surprise:

“What we were not able to determine is why the edit was made in the first place,” spokesman John Kirby said. “There’s no evidence to suggest it was made with the intent to conceal information from the public, and while the technician recalls receiving a phone call requesting the edit, there is no evidence to indicate who might have placed that call or why.”

A reporter found Kirby’s explanation unbelievable:


To sum up the State Department’s “investigation”: