The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is busy chewing on another PC bone, this time over a popular flag that represents a warning to tyrants:

The EEOC is reportedly focusing on how the hat could be interpreted and not its true meaning:

The EEOC acknowledged that the flag did not originate with the Tea Party movement, and was created centuries ago “in a non-racial context.” However, the commission also found that the Gadsden Flag could be “interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts,” citing as an example a 2014 shooting spree in which white supremacists draped Gadsden Flags over the bodies of two murdered police officers.

The federal busybodies never stop. But, not unlike the Democrats’ anti-gun talk that only sells more guns, the EEOC might also be helping move Gadsden Flags off shelves:

Another backfire for the PC police.

It’s the ultimate irony: