The owner of Leon’s Frozen Custard Shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin recently softened the his “English only” policy, but said he’d still prefer customers to order in English:

A south side business that found itself facing a possible boycott for its English-only policy has decided to make some changes.

Leon’s Frozen Custard’s owner, Ron Schneider, tells TODAY’S TMJ4 he’s dropping the policy.

Schneider said he still prefers that people order in English, and that his employees all talk to each other in English. But starting Thursday – Leon’s employees will be able to speak to customers in whatever language they speak.

Last night protesters showed up at Leon’s for a demonstration:

The League of United Latin American Citizens has even called for a federal investigation of the custard shop.

The protest didn’t seem to do much to keep customers away. Perhaps they’re even increasing the shop’s business:

When protests backfire!