A man reportedly wearing a mask, animal costume and claiming to have a bomb caused the evacuation of Fox45 in Baltimore today. The man eventually left the building and authorities are trying to determine if he is carrying an explosive device:

The latest from the Baltimore Sun:

A man who walked into a Baltimore television station wearing an animal jumpsuit and what police said was a “surgical-style mask” was shot by police Thursday afternoon.

The man is still alive, police said, but his condition is unknown.

Police spokesman T.J. Smith said officers were called at about 1:20 p.m. about a person in the lobby wearing “some sort of outfit,” and displayed wires and other things in his jacket that looked like an explosive.

A vehicle was also set on fire with a rag inside the gas tank, Smith said.

There has been no explosion and no detonation, but police are communicating with the man through a bomb squad robot, Smith said.