#CPAC2016 is under way, and one rule at the convention featuring many staunch supporters of 2nd Amendment rights has some thinking they’ve spotted hypocrisy:


While some on the Left think they might have spotted hypocrisy, the reason #CPAC2016 is a gun free zone boils down to two words:

It’s that simple:

Ian Walters, CPAC’s communications director, said the extra security was due to the number of presidential candidates coming with Secret Service entourages in tow.

Conservatives often argue that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But at CPAC, the only good guys with guns were cops. An officer whose name badge read “Muldoon” and who didn’t want to give his first name said the conference policy was simple: no guns.

Sorry, #Gunsense promoters, but you’ll have to look to the Left if you want to spot some gun hypocrisy.