In 2012, a one-time cook and chauffeur for Osama bin Laden, Ibrahim al Qosi, was released from Gitmo and sent to Sudan. He has now reportedly rejoined al-Qaeda.

Secretary of State John Kerry was asked about that yesterday at a Senate subcommittee hearing, and you won’t believe his reaction (or maybe you will):

From the Free Beacon [emphasis ours]:

“Let me just ask one question,” Kirk said to Kerry. “I want to show you a picture of Ibrahim al Qosi, who was recently released by the administration to the Sudanese, and he appeared on some al Qaeda videos recruiting people for AQAP [al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula].”
Kerry paused for a moment before saying to Kirk, “Well, Senator, he’s not supposed to be doing that. And there are consequences for that, and there will be. But apart from that, the fact is that we’ve got people who’ve been held without charges for 13 years, 14 years in some cases. That’s not American, that’s not how we operate.”

No words.

Well, there are some:


“Smart Power” in a nutshell:



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