The U.S. Department of Labor, at the behest of President Obama, plans to “extend overtime protections to nearly 5 million white collar workers within the first year of [the new regulation’s] implementation.”

Democrats applauded the proposal, but now they’re realizing they may be stuck in their own trap (along with everybody else):


The top two House Democratic leaders have quietly begun to comply with the spirit of a forthcoming Labor Department regulation by paying overtime to more staffers, but the rule is creating administrative headaches in other lawmakers’ offices, legislative sources told Bloomberg BNA.

Relaying a conversation he recently had with one member’s chief of staff, Brad Fitch, president and CEO of the Congressional Management Foundation, told Bloomberg BNA Feb. 16 that House “Democratic chiefs of staff are freaking out” about finding room in their budget for overtime wages. “That was her clinical assessment of the managerial challenges,” he said.

Welcome to the party!

Hard to believe there won’t be an exemption for Congress and the White House, isn’t it? Or maybe one will be added:

According to Bloomberg, it “remains to be seen” whether the Labor Department’s forthcoming overtime reg ends up applying to congressional staffers. And you know what that probably means.