At his CNN town hall on guns, President Obama was confronted by rape survivor who asked why he wanted to make it more difficult for people like her to purchase a firearm for self-defense. Obama told the woman that having a gun around wouldn’t necessarily make her safer because it could lead to accidental shootings, among other things.

Would Obama care to explain that to this grandmother who isn’t a victim thanks to a gun?

A 65-year-old New Hampshire woman with a concealed carry permit used a gun to defend herself outside her apartment building (via

According to Manchester Police, officers were sent to a Queen City apartment building after Michael Bontaites, 23, of no fixed address, was shot in the chest by a 65-year-old woman with a conceal carry permit.
“She looked and observed a white male with a dark hooded sweatshirt quickly approach her, run past her, and immediately block her path,” O’Keefe stated in a press release. “The male then reached out and attempted to grab her.”

The woman withdrew her handgun from her pocket and shot the man – later identified as Bontaites – in the chest once, at close range, and then ran inside her apartment building and called 911.

A description of the entire incident is here. The man who was shot survived and “was charged with felony robbery and arraigned at the hospital.”

It’s a good thing the woman didn’t take Obama’s advice.