A hotel in Bamako, Mali has been attacked, with several people reportedly killed and hostages taken:

Via CNN:

Security forces have begun a counter-assault on a Malian hotel where gunmen took more than 100 hostages Friday morning, French President Francois Hollande told reporters in Paris on Friday afternoon.

The situation began around 7 a.m. at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali’s capital, Bamako, when two or three attackers stormed the hotel, firing guns and initially taking about 170 people hostage, officials said. At least three deaths were reported.

Two armed men initially locked in about 140 guests and 30 employees at the Radisson Blu, hotel officials said. By noon, the country’s state broadcaster, ORTM, reported that at least 80 of the hostages had been freed.

According to multiple reports, the terrorists freed hostages who could prove their faith:

The U.S. Embassy in Mali advises American citizens in the country:


Sadly, the death toll has risen since the initial reports: