There’s lots going on at the University of Missouri today. For starters, university President Tim Wolfe has resigned:

Wolfe’s resignation comes amid campus protest:

Wolfe had been at the center of protests on the Missouri campus as students, faculty and student-athletes called for his resignation following several racist events on campus and what some perceived as Wolfe’s inaction.

The movement, which was called Concerned Students 1950, was spearheaded by graduate student Jonathan Butler, who decided on Nov. 2 to fast until Wolfe resigned and changes in the way the university handled racial issues went into effect. The Missouri football program officially joined the movement Sunday after the program announced that it was standing with its African-American student-athletes who, a day before, said they would not participate in football activities until Wolfe resigned. Sunday evening, faculty walked out in protest and Missouri lawmakers called for Wolfe to step down.

The protest continues on campus today, and demonstrators don’t appear to want reporters near them because the media are being kept away … sort of:

Will media-free “safe spaces” for protest catch on? Probably not:

Careful, because informing protesters of that might be considered a microaggression!

If they truly want to keep the media away, perhaps these protesters should consult with the Hillary campaign.