On Tuesday, NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was shot and killed by a suspect he was pursuing in East Harlem.

Five months ago, the suspect, career criminal Tyrone Howard, was released by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuñez, and she has commented about the killing:

“I know. I am truly sorry,” Nuñez said sadly when a Post reporter reminded her about the 33-year-old cop’s devastated family. “And I will speak on the record” at sentencing, she added, referring to suspect Tyrone Howard’s Nov. 12 court date in a 2014 drug-sale case — the very one she had “resolved” in May by sending the gangbanger to rehab instead of jail, despite his history of three similar felony sale convictions and the advice of prosecutors.

Nuñez then paused as she sat in her car outside her parking garage in The Bronx.

“There is nothing,” she said, her voice strained, “that breaks my heart more than a police officer dying.”

Will that sentiment provide much solace to Officer Holder’s family?

The Obama Justice Department is set to release early some 6,000 inmates who were imprisoned for drug offenses who have been deemed non-violent offenders.