Dylan Byers, a former Politico reporter now with CNN, broke some news to America:

Byers wrote:

Andrew Stiles, the digital managing editor of Washington Free Beacon, has given $544.25 to Trump’s presidential campaign, nearly all of it in the third quarter of this year. The contribution appears to be for an order of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats. Stiles’ occupation is listed as “#1 TRUMP FAN” on the FEC filing.

The Free Beacon makes no secret of its conservative bias, and $500 is a small sum when compared to the $75,000 Stephanopoulos gave to the Clinton Foundation. But political donations of any amount are nevertheless a rarity in an industry that prides itself on freedom from conflict of interest.

The “donation” was for hats?

Yep, hats:

Heh. So it wasn’t really a much of a “scoop.”



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