Robert Redford knows what motivates global warming skeptics:

Transcript by way of Newsbusters:

LARRY KING: You addressed the UN recently. Yeah, what are you shocked? You did. You were there.

ROBERT REDFORD: What were you talking about?

REDFORD: Climate change. And it was about the fact that we have been talking about climate change for 20 years and it’s time to stop talking about it and start doing something about it. So, urgently was a theme in speaking.

KING: Why are there still deniers?

REDFORD: Well, you can answer that as well as I can.

KING: Look at the weather. I mean, how could you deny it?

REDFORD: If you belong to a certain group of people that are afraid of change, which I think some people are. And so, I think they’re going to deny change when it happens.

WHO is afraid of change?

Breaking news: Climate change getting so severe it’s causing alarmist celebs to project.