She had indeed! This must be the week Hillary Clinton’s campaign kicks into full “I was denied achieving my dream of _____ because I’m a woman” mode. In a speech today, Hillary said that she wrote to NASA when she was 13 saying she wanted to be an astronaut, and the space agency told her she couldn’t be because she’s female.

A couple decades ago, Hillary explained something else she was denied doing because she’s a woman:

Hillary was denied being in the Marine Corps?

That kind of thing sure seemed to happen to her a lot.

Unless Hillary tried to join the Marines when she was a week old and was denied entirely on the basis of being a woman, she wasn’t being entirely truthful:

Hillary? Lie? No way!

Maybe somebody just didn’t think Hillary had what it takes to be a Marine. Or maybe no such thing ever happened.

If Hillary keeps on talking, eventually we might hear this: