The Democrats quickly jumped on recent comments from GOP candidate Jeb Bush that “people need to work more hours.” Bush was referring to the increase in part time jobs, and the fact that many who want full time jobs are unable to find it. Champion of the working class Hillary Clinton was among those blasting Bush without providing context:

Hillary’s socialist opponent in the Democrat race, Bernie Sanders, provided the context other Dems do not:

In an interview on CNN on Friday, Sanders said that he agreed with the basic premise of Bush’s call to help part-time workers seek full-time jobs.

“Of course we need full-time jobs rather than part-time jobs,” Sanders said.

“If he is talking about the need for more full-time jobs than part time jobs, that’s absolutely correct,” Sanders said.

Some of the media might also soon be getting a call from the Clinton spin machine:

Looks like Hillary does have some actual opposition in her own party.

Hillary Clinton got Bern’d!