In April, the Univ. of Michigan announced that they wouldn’t be showing the movie “American Sniper” because it made some students feel “unsafe.”

At the time, U of M’s football coach Jim Harbaugh tweeted this:

The university’s decision not to show the film was subsequently reversed, and the movie was allowed to be screened as long as certain “safeguards” were provided for the “delicate flower” contingency.

However, due to ongoing hurt feelings, coach Harbaugh agreed to meet with offended students and others.


The meeting, confirmed Wednesday morning by a U-M spokesman Rick Fitzgerald, will be an opportunity for Harbaugh to sit down with “a small group of Muslim students” who protested the university’s showing of the movie and were upset by Harbaugh’s public support of the film.

“He’s agreed to meet with them to hear their concerns about the movie, which you probably know the coach supported,” Fitzgerald told MLive in an email. “The meeting has been scheduled for several weeks.”

Editor at Reason, Robby Soave, attempted to get into the meeting to report what went on but was denied. The reason isn’t very surprising:

Totally believable.




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