Get out the tiny violins for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio:


“I had the pleasure of taking in a Brewers game with Mayor Tom Barrett last night,” de Blasio told a group at a speech Saturday in Milwaukee. “I was struck by how many people kept coming up to the mayor to thank him for his service.”

“I go to quite a few baseball games in my city of New York, and I gotta admit — the reception isn’t always that cordial,” he added. “People recognize me, all right. But oftentimes our exchanges are limited to a few choice words . . . or even a particular finger!”

Not surprisingly, de Blasio isn’t getting much sympathy:

In spite of de Blasio having a case of the sads about getting regularly booed at baseball games, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds believes it not only could be worse, but should be:

Count your blessings, Mr. Mayor!

Editor’s note: The title of this post was corrected to fix a typo.



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