On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, NBC News’ Chuck Todd opined on the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations, some of which weren’t even reported on the organization’s tax filings:

The Meet the Press moderator reduced the Clintons foundation fundraising while Hillary was secretary of state to mere poor judgment:

Before Clinton was confirmed as Secretary of State, Todd recalled, several Obama administration officials and congressmen warned that the Clinton Foundation may give off the appearance of influence-peddling. “How many more warnings did the Clintons need to have and yet they ended up doing these things?” Todd asked. “It’s politically though just dumb and inept.”

Even though the Clintons have defended their foundation’s controversial donations, and charged that no one can “buy” influence from the powerful family, Todd said, “the appearance of it is terrible.”

That’s it?

To say the least.

Todd was offered some more accurate adjectives:



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