With “climate change” comes the inevitable struggle to cope, which brings up this question from “sustainability/climate change professional” Celeste Young as shared by Iowahawk:

Here’s how to cope:

One of Celeste’s excellent grief-coping suggestions:

Another way to help people accept these changes is through cultural activities that support the expression of grief. In Australia, local government, community, and the arts sector have led in this area. Storytelling is often used as it provides a structured and often empowering way of expressing difficult emotions.

Readers are invited to work through the climate grieving process by telling their stories in comments. Preferably these stories will involve jets, cars, motorcycles, mining, fracking, building, land clearing and other proven grief-recovery methods.

Maybe we should start the grief-coping process by talking about Leo DiCaprio’s jets and boats or Al Gore cashing in on sweet Big Oil money. ::sniff:: Pass the tissues!

From the “goes without saying” department:

The science is settled.