The incident in Colorado Springs has come to be known as the “NAACP bombing,” but even the FBI has been unable to establish what the target was of an explosive device placed outside a building which houses an NAACP office and other businesses.

Police have made an arrest in the case, but a final determination as to the motive has not been made:

Update: Here’s the affidavit:

On February 19, 2015, Thaddeus Murphy was interviewed by investigating Agents. Murphy was read his Miranda Rights and signed a form consenting to the interview. During the interview, Murphy admitted to conducting the bombing at the building located at 603 S. El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado. The interview was recorded and the following is a summary of some of what Murphy stated and is not a verbatim transcript of the interview:An accountant by the name of Steve Dehaven wouldn’t return to him (Murphy) his tax records from 2006 to the present and wouldn’t return his phone calls. Dehaven operated his business out of the building located at 603 South El Paso, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Murphy had to declare bankruptcy and need the records because he had financial issues. Murphy believed Dehaven destroyed his tax records.

Murphy admitted to manufacturing a pipe bomb. Murphy believed that he set the pipe bomb outside of Dehavens office on January 6, 2015. Murphy believed that Dehaven and his son intentionally were keeping him (Murphy) from his tax records and were giving him the run around. Murphy stated that he “flipped out” because of his financial problems. Murphy built the pipe bomb as a warning to Steve Dehaven. Murphy admitted to using Dragon Breath, a shotgun shell as the explosive material inside the container. Murphy learned how to build the pipe bomb from the internet. That he used firework fuses for the pipe bomb. That he had all the pipe bomb materials from home materials he used as a carpenter. That he built the pipe bomb in his garage. Murphy admitted to driving up to the north side of 603 South El Paso Street on January 6, 2015, parking his truck, getting outof his vehicle and placing the pipe bomb, 2 gallon gas can, road flare on the north east corner of the building.

The pipe bomb went off as he was getting back into his truck. Murphy admitted building the pipe bomb the night before in his garage. Murphyadmitted the rational for the pipe bomb was rage. Murphy sketched a diagram of the pipe bomb he manufactured and the location where he placed the bomb on January 6, 2015. Murphy admitted to having 5 firearms in the house and knew he wasn’t allowed to have any weapons in his house because he is a convicted felon. Murphy admitted to shooting the firearms with his wife and children.

Not holding our breath…



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