White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, April Ryan, will be sorry to see President Obama leave office. How moved will she be?

At this point, why hide it?

But not because of any kind of bias or anything:

Now, as the president enters his final two years, the longest-serving current African-American White House reporter is already looking to the end of his historic term and is trying “to engage” more in the moment of having the first black president in the White House.

“I have got to now take in the moment because when he’s gone, he’s gone,” said Ryan. “I will probably cry when he leaves, not because I like him or anything, and that’s not even the case. I’m a reporter,” she added.

David Limbaugh, like the WH reporter, might mist up when Obama leaves office as well, albeit for different reasons:

Many others empathize:

Turns out there have been tears from the start:

Pass the Kleenex! ::sniff::