In 1991, journalist Terry Anderson was freed after being held captive by Islamic militants for nearly seven years:

Anderson was one of 92 foreigners (including 17 Americans) abducted during Lebanon’s bitter civil war. The kidnappings were linked to Hezbollah, or the Party of God, a militant Shiite Muslim organization formed in 1982 in reaction to Israel’s military presence in Lebanon. They seized several Americans, including Anderson, soon after Kuwaiti courts jailed 17 Shiites found guilty of bombing the American and French embassies there in 1983. Hezbollah in Lebanon received financial and spiritual support from Iran, where prominent leaders praised the bombers and kidnappers for performing their duty to Islam.

A recent Newsweek article tells the story of how one of the terrorist masterminds was taken out:

Sulome Anderson, the daughter of Terry Anderson who was born less than three months after her father was taken hostage, put it this way:

Perfectly understandable.

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