Is there a good auditor in the house?

Come again? [emphasis ours]

“We don’t know where the money has gone,” Raymond Joseph, former ambassador of Haiti to the U.S., said Friday in an interview on Bloomberg’s “Market Makers.”

In 2010, Haiti was rocked by a deadly earthquake that claimed the lives of somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000 people. In response to the tragedy, the international community pledged an estimated nine billion dollars in foreign aid help the Haiti’s recovery efforts.

However, according to Joseph, much of the pledged cash never made it to Haiti. And the money that did make it to Haiti has mysteriously disappeared.

Video at the link.

Sadly this doesn’t comes as shocking news:

One thing’s for sure: Don’t ask the U.S. State Department to help find the missing aid money, because they’re not very good at accounting either.