A Texas health care worker who reportedly handled samples from Ebola patient Thomas Duncan is under quarantine aboard a Carnival Cruise ship. As a result, the ship was not allowed to dock in Belize:

The Carnival Cruise ship will head back to Galveston, Texas, where the cruise originated.

Two people purportedly aboard the ship said nothing about Ebola, but reported being “stuck” off Belize:

Hopefully Dr Pepper is an infectious disease specialist.

Another passenger also used the hashtag #CarnivalMagicStuckInMud:

That passenger just reported that everybody is OK:

Here’s a face that might be shared by many passengers who are aboard #CarnivalMagic:


CDC told Carnival about the Ebola threat on Oct. 15, but didn’t tell Congress at the Oct. 16 hearing?

Carnival Cruise Lines now the winner for the worst timed statement in history