Conservative mom Holly Fisher was attacked by angry lefties for telling the story of losing her baby’s pediatric cardiologist due to Obamacare. Fisher then caused the anger level to elevate even more with her Hobby Lobby “hat trick” photo, where she appeared in front of the craft store that liberals love to hate while wearing a “pro-life” shirt and holding a Chick-fil-A cup.

Responding to those saying her “hat trick” photo was missing three other things, Fisher fulfilled that demand:

From some, the above photo is no different than … well, take a look for yourself:

Just plain nuts.

Follow a couple of links from @PZMyers and you’ll find out that he says he’s been a biologist at the University of Minnesota Morris for the past ten years.

How’s this for rationale?

Oh, ok.

Fisher continues to endure vicious attacks, as evidenced here. A “new low” is reached multiple times per day.

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